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Financial Infidelity isn’t a term very many people are familiar with, though many people have experienced the repercussions of financial cheating.  Normally when people think of cheating or infidelity, they only think about having an emotional or sexual affair, but cheating and lying about money can be just as big of a problem.  Today it is becoming more and more common for private investigators to be called in to investigate this type of affair, especially as younger generations become more independent and less likely to have only one person handling the finances.
So what exactly is financial infidelity, and what do private investigators do when they investigate it?  Financial infidelity can take several forms, including hiding money, lying about monthly or yearly earnings, hiding bonuses, spending excessively, or secretly using money to fund an affair or gambling addiction.  Many people will go to elaborate lengths to hide their income and spending from their spouse or partner.  People who are being financial cheaters often hide bank accounts, have secret credit cards, or demand to take care of all financial matters by themselves, without letting their spouse see paystubs, bank statements, or credit card balances.
Experienced private detectives can use a variety of methods to get to the bottom of your financial infidelity fears.  To name only a few, private investigators can conduct surveillance, background checks, and credit card tracing techniques during the course of an infidelity investigation.  Financial infidelity is only one form of the broader category of cheating.  You don’t have to be married to be the victim of financial cheating; anyone who shares accounts, income, or expenses with their partner can be taken advantage of financially. 
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