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Social Media in Investigations

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Social Media can play a substantial role in an investigation, but if the information isn’t properly documented or procedures are not put in place for social media investigations, then the information collected could be useless if it was ever needed to be admissible in the court of law.

Richard Gadreau, a social media officer with the Niagara Regional Police, spoke at the 2013 Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association’s Provincial Conference to voice his opinions on the issues pertaining to how many companies operate their social media investigations. According to Gadreau, most companies do not have a policy in place because top management doesn’t support its usage, or there is a lack of skill or know-how to effectively use it. Without properly implementing policies and procedures, evidence could be considered not credible and be worth nothing if presented in court.

Gadreau continued, “Information Solves Crimes… The information is out there for us to put together and sometimes the important part is not what you see as a total, but the ability to connect the dots”

Source: Social Media in Investigations

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Daniel Morgan Cold Case murder Re-Opened

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Police

Private Investigator Daniel Morgan was murdered back in 1987 in Sydenham, East London which eventually turned into a cold case investigation. After numerous investigations over the years, an independent panel of the Home Secretary has decided to look into the case again. Evidence over the years has suggested that there may have been police involvement and cover-up involving the murder.

The home secretary has stated that it hopes that the continued effort into investigating the case will help shine a light on the circumstances that revolved around Daniel Morgan’s murder. The panel does not plan on letting any stone be left unturned and are determined to find the truth behind the death of Daniel Morgan.

So far an unofficial amount of £30 million has already been used towards the investigation into Daniel Morgan’s death.

Source: Daniel Morgan Murder Investigation Re-opened.

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Photo Credit: Bill Wagner, AP

Richard Swanson, 42 was hit by a pickup truck Tuesday, May 14th, while he attempted to dribble a ball 10,000 miles from Seattle to Brazil, in time for the 2014 World Cup. Unfortunately Richard died around 10 a.m. walking south along the U.S. 101 near the city limits of Lincoln City, Oregon.

Richard Swanson was a Private Investigator who wanted to do something adventurous while in between work. So far, the man who hit Swanson has not been charged by the police. As a part of the trip, Richard Swanson was set out to promote One World Futbol Project which donates balls to developing nations.

Source: Seattle man killed while dribbling Soccer Ball to Brazil

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Whitney Houston was murdered

December 26th – Shocking new evidence has been discovered by a Hollywood Private Investigator that proves Whitney Houston was murdered. According to Radar Online, The private investigator looking into Whitney Houston’s suspicious death found video evidence that suggests Houston was a victim of a high powered drug ring, who sent two individuals who are suspected to have murdered Houston to kill her over her 1.5 million dollar cocaine debt.

The private investigator used his drug informant resources, as well as taking a second look at the corners report to determine foul play in conjunction with the new evidence brought to light.

On the day she died, Whitney was alone in her hotel room in which the two suspects were caught on surveillance tapes. Currently all evidence has been turned over to the FBI for further investigation.

Source: Whitney Houston was Murdered

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